Supporting Partners: Our Programs

Partner Support

We provide a range of programs aimed at supporting partners and empowering them to assist clients undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Through partner workshops, individuals can gain insight into effective communication, coping mechanisms, and practical strategies for providing emotional and practical support. One-on-one counselling sessions provide tailored mental health support. The “Helping Her Heal” program encourages partners to actively participate in the healing process. These initiatives serve as crucial sources of strength, enhancing the well-being of both clients and their loved ones during this challenging time.

Helping Her Heal

‘Helping Her Heal’ program is an initiative designed to support partners of women facing early-stage breast cancer. Developed by Frances Lewis RN, MN, PhD, FAAN from the University of Washington, this program aims to equip partners with essential skills during such challenging times.


Our counselling support is available for our clients and also partners of individuals facing breast cancer. One-on-one counselling sessions provide tailored mental health support.

Partners Connect Workshop

This 3-session workshop designed for partners of women with breast cancer. Explore key topics like navigating diagnosis challenges, personal growth strategies, and holistic self-care.

Partner Support Group

Our support group for partners of women with early breast cancer offers a supportive space for sharing experiences and finding mutual strength.