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We are a family, looking for partners

Independent research concludes partnering with a charity can be incredibly rewarding – and not only for your organisation’s bottom line. It improves public image, increases stakeholder engagement and provides employees with an increased sense of meaning from their work, enhancing engagement and loyalty (see more about business benefits here). The time is right to connect and explore the potential for a corporate partnership for your organisation.

Partnering with Breast Cancer Care WA can look very different for each organisation. You can support us directly financially, through cause campaigns, connections and networking, employee volunteering, sponsorship for breast cancer awareness programs or events. 

Corporate Partnerships

How to connect with us

There are many different ways this connection can look. Our partnerships are bespoke and work for you. Creative and bespoke examples of corporate partnership support include:

  • The PINK Game – held in October each year, the Perth Wildcats promote the PINK game. Their supporters are encouraged to wear pink to a dedicated marquee matchup, with corporate auctions and a complete branding makeover – from player outfits to scoreboard graphics – to back the important awareness message (each attendee receives a waterproof breast check tag);
  • Cause campaign with Brownes Dairy, where a portion of blueberry yoghurt sales went to Breast Cancer Care WA. This was promoted through AdShell branding across the Perth metropolitan area.
  • Role sponsorship – Steel Blue Boots sponsor our Support Services Coordinator’s position, enabling practical and financial support for our clients.
  • IGA event sponsorship – IGA sponsor the naming rights for IGA Purple Bra Day, and their stores across the state enjoy promoting, fundraising for, and celebrating IGA Purple Bra Day with us every year.
  • Dinner Twist provide menu sponsorship of the Long Table Lunch each year, appropriate to their brand, and provide guests with the opportunity to donate to us through a coupon code in their ordering system.

We have forged excellent working relationships with corporate entities, including Perth cultural icons the Perth Wildcats and Steel Blue, simply based on a shared commitment to helping our clients and raising breast cancer awareness.

If you’d like to speak to us about these business benefits, and how we can create a bespoke partnership that speaks to your organisation’s needs, please ring (08) 9324 3703 and ask to speak to our Corporate Relations Executive, or our CEO Zoe McAlpine.

What are our most common partnership arrangements? There are many ways we can connect! The most common avenues are listed below – explore what’s right for you.

More information

Event Support

Sponsorship of an event (or a category of event – such as beverage sponsor for Long Table Lunch). Our popular events program runs throughout the year including Long Table Lunch, Corporate Golf Day, IGA Purple Bra Day, Jump For Jane, and more. Choose your level of involvement from volunteering behind the scenes to putting together a corporate team, or sponsoring a prize for our many auctions.

Workplace Fundraising

Your imagination is really the only limit here. From a simple morning tea to a casual dress day for a donation, anything is possible. Call our Community Fundraising Team on (08) 9324 3703 for a brainstorm, and garner their advice on what could work in your organisation.

Workplace Giving

No need to collect and claim receipts! This is a simple and tax-efficient way for employers and employees to donate. Donations are made from pre-tax pay, which is reduced by the amount of the donation, meaning that the tax donation is immediate and guaranteed. Employers can choose to match employee donations or donate a specified amount.

Cause-Related Marketing

Donate a portion of your sales to us! This is another simple and effective way to show your support for West Australian families. Your customers will love knowing their purchases are making a real difference out in the WA community. To discuss, contact our Community Fundraising Team on (08) 9324 3703 and take the next step.

Round-up or Add a Dollar!

These are top-up donations at the point of sale. Do not underestimate the massive difference such a simple activation can make – just by asking your customers to round up the sale or add a dollar at the point of sale can really have a powerful cumulative effect, and best of all, it demands very little commitment or effort on anybody’s part.

Sponsor a Room, a Role or an Education Program

Have your name branded with us. Fancy showing your support for us in a more tangible way? Why not sponsor one of our counselling rooms, based in our Cottesloe offices, or one of community education and awareness programs that are offered throughout the metropolitan area, from Joondalup in the north to Bunbury in the south.

Cash Donations

Giant cheques are cool with us! We appreciate all donations, but it is always extra special to get a major cashflow boost, because we know exactly how much of a difference every dollar makes to a person living with breast cancer – and we know that our impact is immediate, measurable and significant.