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Volunteering for Breast Cancer Care WA

Every day in Western Australia, five women are diagnosed with breast cancer. We are here for them, their partners and their families. They need us and we need you. Volunteers play such a vital role, donating their precious time, skills and support to assist us in continuing our support of West Australians affected by breast cancer. As a volunteer you can make a huge difference by assisting in events, fundraising and practical support as well as office and administration tasks.

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Three of our amazing Breast Cancer Care WA volunteers helping out at one of our events.

Why you should volunteer

Participating in volunteering has a variety of benefits: 

  • An opportunity to help those in need and give back to the community
  • Gain skills and experience as well as building on existing skills :
    • Leadership 
    • Team work 
    • Time management 
    • Build self confidence and self esteem 
    • Build your self identity 
    • Focus on industry related skills – related to admin, events management etc 
  • Create new social contacts & friends
  • Earn academic credit & addition to your resume 
  • Feel good about yourself & the positive impact you’re making
  • Challenge yourself and give yourself more purpose 

How to Volunteer At Breast Cancer Care WA

Our volunteers are the very reason we exist – Breast Cancer Care WA started in 2000 as a volunteer-run organisation, and has grown over the years thanks to the passion and dedication of so many who have generously given their time to support those affected by breast cancer.

As a volunteer you can be engaged in events, fundraising, practical support as well as office tasks. You will be able to enjoy meeting new people, learning new skills, gaining work experience and most importantly, knowing that you are making a difference!

Every effort is made to ensure that volunteers are given suitable roles that are aligned with their interests and skills. Breast Cancer Care WA endeavours to provide volunteers with roles that offer the opportunity for challenges, growth and personal rewards. If volunteers find their role not suitable, this can be discussed with the Volunteer Coordinator. Volunteers can assist in a variety of ways, if you have a special skill you would like to share please let us know so we can explore opportunities on how you can use them to help!

See our list of volunteer roles available and enquire today.

Find a Cape That Fits With One of Our Breast Cancer Volunteer Roles

Administration and Office Volunteers

What do our administration and office volunteers do?

  • Make calls to thank monthly donors 
  • Database entry 
  • Ad hoc duties 
  • Stocktake 
  • Mailouts 

Skills you can learn or build on: 

  • Leadership
  • Time management
  • Teamwork
  • Communication skills
  • Professional development
  • Experience using relevant software 

How you can benefit: 

  • Give back to the community
  • Feel good about yourself 
  • Gain valuable transferable skills and experience you can use in future jobs 
  • Add experience to your resume 

Interested in volunteering in one of our admin or office volunteer roles? Apply below 

Promotional and Community Activity Volunteers

What do our promotional & community activity volunteers do?

  • Help us setup and pack down our promotional materials we have on display at shopping centres, schools and other public events
  • Share your own experience of Breast Cancer Care WA with the public 
  • Hand out flyers 
  • Collect information from interested attendees 
  • Assist with our gift wrapping stall during Christmas 
  • Collect donations

Skills you can learn or build on: 

  • Public speaking skills 
  • Time management 
  • Team work 
  • Leadership
  • Communication skills 

How you can benefit from this role: 

  • Feel good about yourself 
  • Give back to the community
  • Meet and connect with lots of new people 
  • Give yourself more purpose

Client Support and Practical Assistance Volunteers

What do our client support and practice assistance volunteers do?

  • Assist those diagnosed with breast cancer with domestic services that they may be unable to perform like: 
    • Transport to medical appointments 
    • Gardening assistance 
    • Home cleaning 
    • Shopping 
    • To be a general ear and support carer 

Skills you can learn:

  • Communication 
  • Adaptability
  • Problem solving 
  • Compassion 
  • Patience 

Other ways you can benefit from this role:

  • Connect with people 
  • Make yourself more appealing for future jobs 
  • Get hands on experience for future roles like nursing 
  • Feel good about yourself 


Fundraising and Event Volunteers

What do our fundraising and event volunteers do?

These roles are generally at Breast Cancer Care WA events or external events that benefit Breast Cancer Care WA.

Specific duties include: 

  • Shaking donation tins 
  • Selling raffle tickets 
  • Helping us setup & pack down our displays and events 
  • Hospitality duties 
  • Preparing gift bags 
  • Gift wrapping 
  • Sending out event packs 
  • Meeting, greeting and seating guests 
  • Prize sourcing 
  • Creating decorations 
  • Car park attendants 

Skills you can learn or build on: 

  • Leadership
  • Time management
  • Team work
  • Communication skills
  • Creative expression 
  • Professional development

Other ways you can benefit from this role:

  • Connect with new people and make friends
  • Have a good time 
  • Make yourself more appealing for future jobs 
  • Help support a good cause 
  • Feel good about yourself 

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Volunteer Roles & Ongoing Availability

The roles on this page will change from time to time as we hold new events and have new needs for our clients. Keep an eye out to find a role that matches your needs to find the best fit possible. Currently, we have vacancies in:

  • Practical assistance
  • Events
  • Fundraising 
  • Administration
  • Expressions of interest always welcome 

We’d love to hear from you so if you’re interested in taking on the challenge apply below!

Even More Ways To Get Involved 

Donate Now 

Your support through donation can help change the life of someone with breast cancer. Our donations are also what keeps us going and what allows us to provide those suffering with the support services they need. We accept a variety of donations – once off or regular donations anything is appreciated.

Partner With Us 

We currently have a range of corporate and community partnerships which help us spread awareness and generate support for Breast Cancer Care WA. Interested in creating a partnership find out more > 


There are so many ways you can help support Breast Cancer Care WA. Take part in one of our signature events or organise your own future event.