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Benefits to West Australian Businesses

By aligning with a charity’s messaging channels, you become instantly recognisable and loved by the charity’s supporters. The risk of not integrating corporate social responsibility with your marketing is presenting your brand as a ‘hollow log’ to customers; standing for what you believe in builds authenticity and affection which will make the rest of your comms work even harder.

Adam Marshall, CEO Marketforce, Board member of Breast Cancer Care WA.

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The opportunity begins here

Over the last decade we have seen many more corporates wanting to enter into corporate partnerships with charities – from only 17% of corporates in 2005 to 44% today. Through time, the importance of social purpose and employee engagement as drivers for contributing to local charities has increased. Businesses, particularly larger businesses, are less likely to contribute for only reasons of reputation and social license – they want their relationships with us to be more than just “branding and marketing”. Employee engagement and ethical purpose and responsibility has driven this massive shift – and we can support you in channeling this drive.

Benefits of partnering with Breast Cancer Care WA include

Increased Employee Engagement

A recent UK Gallup survey showed that companies with engaged employees experienced 16 per cent more profitability, and 18 per cent more general productivity. A connctionto a cause and authentic purpose increases engagement in a West Australian setting.

Increased Employee Retention

Employees who volunteer or connect to social enterprise in the workplace are significantly more committed to reain with their employer than those who hadn’t.

Increased Employee Loyalty

87 per cent of employees who volunteer with their companies have an improved perception of their employer, while 82 per cent also feel more committed to their organisation as a result of the connection. We have many opportunities for corporate volunteering, increasing the sense of ethical purpose and responsibility.

Enhance Public Image

Associating with an organisation like ours, that West Australians already know, trust and regard highly is an attractive way to enhance your public image. Aligning yourself with with our mutual values is a shortcut to enhancing the perception of your brand in the community.

Enhanced Stakeholder Relationships

We can help enhance your stakeholder relationships by championing your ability to meet meeting corporate community investment, and be seen as an authentic driver for change. We can deliver these types of outcomes that generally cannot be achieved through commercial activity alone.

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