Breast Cancer Counselling Service


Our team offers advice and support from initial diagnosis, right through treatment and beyond. Working closely with our specialist breast care nurses, our counsellors are available to clients – and their loved ones, when additional assistance is requested.  Counselling is available via face-to-face appointments, telephone appointments, home visits or video conferencing. Interim support is available to those on the waitlist for Breast Cancer Clinical Psychology Services.

Breast Cancer Counselling Service with breast cancer care wa

Walking the journey with you

Our counsellors can help with:

  • developing coping strategies;
  • handling relationships with children, family, and friends;
  • dealing with traumatic symptoms or side effects;
  • difficulties in decision making;
  • living with uncertainty;
  • managing fear, anxiety, and sadness; and
  • dealing with body image and sexuality issues.

Our counsellors provide one-one counselling sessions at our Cottesloe office and home visits throughout the metropolitan area, as well as provide support to regional clients via phone, email or video chat. They also facilitate monthly support groups, and hold regular therapy workshops.


Why undertake counselling?

Counselling gives you the opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways to help improve the way that you live your life. This inevitably involves helping you sort through problems and discover solutions therefore empowering you to make changes in your life that will increase your well-being.

How can I manage living with uncertainty?

Anxiety and living with uncertainty is a significant component of the work that our counsellors do when working with the impact of breast cancer. Often talking to somebody outside your immediate circle of friends and family gives you the space to explore issues that you feel are impacting on you and those around you. We can look at strategies to get you through the day or to discuss your plans for the future and how you might tell those you love about your prognosis or about other stressful aspects of your life.

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