Donations in Lieu of Gifts

A memorable way to celebrate your special event

Most people have just about everything they need, so why not give a gift that will really make a difference to someone’s life?

Donations in lieu of gifts are a memorable way to celebrate your special event, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, Valentine’s day, an anniversary or Christmas.

Donations in Lieu - family gathering

How to set up your own gifts in lieu fundraiser


Asking friends and family to make a donation in lieu of a birthday present is a wonderful way to fundraise. You can take pride in knowing that this year, your birthday gave support to Western Australians throughout their breast cancer journey.

There are two ways to do this.

  • Set up a fundraising page for friends and family to donate to in celebration of your birthday.
  • Host a party and collect donations at the event. Breast Cancer Care WA can even supply you will official donation envelopes. If your guests fill these out on the night we will have their details and be able to issue them all a personalised tax receipt and let you know how much was raised on the day. Contact Breast Cancer Care WA on (08) 9324 3703 to arrange official envelopes.

Wedding Favours

Many couples are following a new trend at their weddings by making a donation in lieu of wedding favours or bombonieres. It is a beautiful way to say thank you to your guests.
Breast Cancer Care WA can even help you with a personalised card for each table letting your guests know “In lieu of traditional wedding favours we have chosen to make a donation to Breast Cancer Care WA”.

Farewell Gift

Moving on from your current job for a new opportunity? Don’t need another engraved pen or watch? Then why not ask your colleagues to make a donation to Breast Cancer Care WA in lieu of a farewell gift? You can contact us and set up an online fundraising page for your colleagues to donate to, or do a collection around the office and contact us on (08) 9324 3703 or at [email protected] for deposit details.

What’s more, donations over $2 are tax deductible

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