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Help ease the burden of breast cancer for a woman like Michelle.

Regular Giving

Regular giving is the most cost effective form of giving for a charity and because your donations are ongoing we will be better able to plan and deliver vital services to over 1,000 West Australians a year.

Donations in Lieu

Donations in lieu of gifts are a memorable way to celebrate your special event, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, Valentine’s day, an anniversary or Christmas.

Donations in Memory

Making a donation in lieu of sending flowers is a thoughtful way to remember and ensure special memories live on through the work of Breast Cancer Care WA.

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is simple, cheap and effective. It’s as easy as a direct deduction from your salary. How much you donate is entirely up to you and all donations above $2 per pay period are completely tax free.

Leave a Bequest in Your Will

By including Breast Cancer Care WA in your future planning, you will be helping provide specialised breast care nursing, counselling and financial support to over 1,000 daughters, mothers and wives diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

Why Choose Breast Cancer Care WA?

Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women in Australia and the second most diagnosed cancer in the overall population. One in seven women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and approximately one in 542 men. Breast Cancer Care WA supports all people affected by a diagnosis of breast cancer in Western Australia, regardless of age or gender, including partners and family members.  

While breast cancer survival rates have improved greatly thanks to early detection, treatments for cancer can be ongoing and have an impact on people’s lives for a long time after treatment ends. That’s why Breast Cancer Care offers support for as long as it is needed, free of charge, making us the best charity for breast cancer donations in Western Australia. 

We receive no government funding, so all of our breast cancer support services are delivered thanks to the generous public who donate money to charity. 

What We Do

Breast Cancer Nursing

Breast care nurses are patient advocates. They are our clients’ main contact and source of information throughout their treatment, empowering them in their relationships with their health care team. Breast care nurses also provide emotional support for the client and their family, as well as evidence-based information and resources to help them live well with, or after, cancer.


Our team of specialist counsellors provide emotional support and assistance to our clients and their families, helping them to cope with changes, challenges and uncertainty during their treatment and beyond. One-on-one counselling is available in person, over the phone, at home visits or online via video conferencing.

Support Groups

Our support groups are facilitated by specialist counsellors. These groups provide a space for our clients to share helpful information and coping strategies with their peers. These include groups for young people, people with early breast cancer, people with metastatic breast cancer, and partners of people with breast cancer.

Wellness Educuation 

Therapeutic workshops allow our clients to explore their feelings and the burden of breast cancer through art therapy, meditation, and mindfulness. The workshops focus on practical strategies and problem-solving skills that help people cope with breast cancer.

Financial Hardship Support

A breast cancer diagnosis can have a huge financial burden on a family. Many of our clients are forced to stop working, making it difficult to meet the cost of running a household. Financial support is available to help our clients with utility bills, fuel or groceries. We also refer clients to appropriate community support services for additional support.

Practical Support

Breast cancer treatment can reduce our clients’ capacity to carry out the everyday tasks we take for granted. Some help around the house can make a world of difference to their wellbeing. We provide short-term, practical support by arranging services like household cleaning, garden maintenance or transport to and from appointments.

Life After Cancer

Australia has one of the best breast cancer survival rates in the world. We offer our clients support and evidence-based information to help them live well after cancer through webinars, workshops and mindful online recovery programs.

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