Basil’s Ride: Pedaling Through Challenges with Hope


In a world full of obstacles, Basil’s story shines brightly. Despite living with multiple sclerosis (MS), every May, Basil takes on an incredible challenge: riding 200 kilometers to support Breast Cancer Care WA. His determination to both help others and maintain his own well-being is truly inspiring.

Living with MS brings its daily struggles for Basil, but he faces them with a positive attitude. He believes in focusing on what he can do, rather than what he can’t. It’s a mindset that guides him through tough times and offers hope to others.

Despite the hurdles, Basil stays committed. He knows the importance of staying active, physically and mentally. Even on his hardest days, activities like swimming and physiotherapy keep him going. His resilience is a shining example for us all.

Basil’s ride isn’t just about raising funds—it’s about spreading hope and unity. He chose Breast Cancer Care WA because he wants to ensure every dollar goes where it’s needed most. His dedication to making a difference is unwavering.

Beyond the money, Basil’s willingness to share his story and support others is invaluable. Whether inspiring young donors or lifting the spirits of those facing tough times, Basil’s journey brings hope to many.

As Basil gears up for this year’s ride, let’s stand with him as allies on his journey. In Basil’s determination, we find hope for brighter days ahead. And in his commitment to helping others, we discover the true power of kindness and resilience.

You can donate to Basils ride here