A day of wellness and rejuvenation

Our recent Metastatic Wellness Day hosted by our metastatic breast care nurse, Melanie Rowley, and project coordinator, Chandrika Gibson, was a heartwarming event dedicated to our amazing clients. We provided chair yoga, sound healing, massages, clay therapy, and a delicious lunch to help them relax and rejuvenate.

The day began with a warm welcome, creating a calm and inviting atmosphere. This set the tone for what followed. Chair yoga offered gentle exercises and deep breathing to promote inner balance, ensuring our clients felt at ease from the start.

The soothing sounds of singing bowls during the sound healing session with multi-instrumentalist and healer Julian Silburn enhanced the tranquil atmosphere, enabling our clients to find a moment of stillness. The experience was both immersive and relaxing.

As we transitioned to the next part of our day, the head, shoulder, and foot massages delivered by volunteers including students from South Metro TAFE, helped melt away the stress, leaving our clients feeling not only relaxed but also refreshed.

After the massages, we came together to enjoy a nutritious lunch. Clay therapy facilitated by psycho-oncology counsellor Jacqui Cairns followed, offering an opportunity for creative expression and emotional release. This tactile experience was a profound and tangible outlet for self-expression, allowing our clients to explore their emotions in a unique way.

The day was a heartwarming reminder that moments of serenity and healing can be found, even in challenging times. We are inspired by our clients and look forward to continuing our support.