Books for Bobby

Books for bobby

Fear, denial, confusion, anxiety, vulnerability, and overwhelmed… all emotions that you will probably feel when you hear the dreaded Cancer word. Acceptance, laughter, confidence, sanity, appreciation, hope, strength, courage, humour, friendship, generosity, gratitude and love – a few things you might also gain from this immense journey, according to Tray Davis. 

Tray was diagnosed with Grade 3 breast cancer in September 2020. She decided early on that it was not going to define her but that she wanted to turn the events of the last 18 months into a positive.  

“As awful as it all has been, it has a purpose and some good can come from it,” said Tray. 

Having been moved by books that she read whilst spending long periods of time in waiting rooms and hospital wards, she wanted others going through a similar experience to have access to books that help and educate when going into this unnerving period. And so Books for Bobby was born. Why Bobby? To make her treatment less scary for her children they decided to give her tumour a name – Bobby. Hence the project’s name. 

Since starting the project, with the unwavering support of her children, Cayleigh and Kai, and her friend Tee Wearing, Books for Bobby has raised over $7000. When she approached Breast Cancer Care WA, asking ways she could give back to the organisation that had provided her with such valuable support, it was suggested that she could help by providing some resources for the library.  

The counsellors and nurses put together a wish list of books and Books for Bobby sourced a number of copies of every book on the list, and a few more! They recently visited the Breast Cancer Care offices to drop off a huge supply of over 40 books and other resources. We are incredibly grateful to Tray, Cayleigh Kai Tee and everyone who has supported this incredible project. 

When they dropped by Kai also made an incredibly personal gift of a painting he did, inspired by his mum’s breast cancer, as part of the school art program. His explanation of his work shows an amazing understanding of what his mum is going through and has touched all of us, As Tray said – fear, anxiety, vulnerability but also strength, hope, passion and love. 

“This is a statement about breast cancer. Established through black background, scattered pink ribbons, if we look at the colours that flow through her body, the green symbolises she accepts that what has happened to her is natural. Her body is gunning somewhat while. She has some jealousy toward the other women who have breasts. Hers were unfairly taken away from her. Blue represents how she is regaining control over her body; she is trying her best to stay calm. Red represents her energy and drive to want to be and passion. her breasts are depicted as black pits that have no colour or emotion, seemingly sucking up all the emotion into nothingness, like a void.” 

Kai Davis 2021