Lisa was first told the shocking news that she had breast cancer in 2000 when she was just 35. Suddenly her life was turned upside down. She knew nothing about breast cancer or where to turn for help. 

Lisa went into battle with surgery, six weeks of gruelling radiation therapy and six months of chemotherapy, backed up by five years of hormone suppression medication, and all the ups and down that go with it. After she received the ‘all clear’ Lisa made the decision to celebrate life and live it with everything she had, setting off on a bucket list world tour. 

For 12 years she lived a happy, action filled life, but then came the worst possible news. The cancer was back and it had spread to her bones. This time she wasn’t going to get better. 

This time round Breast Cancer Care WA exists and she had someone to talk to who knew what she was going through, someone who could explain the things that were so hard to understand. Breast care nurses Moira and Denise (past BCCWA nurses) are now the friends who are always there for Lisa, giving her the support and specialist advice for as long as she needs it. In spite of everything she’s going through Lisa says she feels lucky. “If I have to be on this journey I’m so glad that I have Breast Cancer Care WA at my side.” 

Since she first called us three years ago, Lisa has become a special part of the Breast Cancer Care WA circle of friends. Not only has she benefited from access to expert information, counselling and support, but she’s also helped give support to other women going through what she’s had to face. Being able to talk to a breast care nurse or counselor has really made a difference to Lisa as she says.

When talking to family and friends, you try to protect them and you don’t always say what’s really on your mind.


Because of you we can provide people like Lisa and any West Australian affected by breast cancer the services listed above, this all free of charge. By making a caring donation today or by phoning together we can ensure people like Lisa can get the vital care and support they need, when they need it most. Please give generously.