Jenny was one of many women who faced breast cancer during the pandemic. She was just 32 years old when she discovered a small lump in her breast while breastfeeding her son.

‘I was young, I was a new mum and I’d just found out I was pregnant again. My lump turned out to be an aggressive form of 3c breast cancer and I was told despite all my fears that I needed immediate treatment.

‘The only decision was to live. I had to for my children. I was going to fight for my life.’

A week after she was diagnosed – and just months before lockdown – Jenny met her breast care nurse, Maria.

‘I walked into the room completely helpless and lost, and left it feeling supported, strong and optimistic.’

Jenny had a mastectomy just over 3 weeks after her diagnosis, at 5 months pregnant. In that short time, her tumour had frown from 2 to 7cm. She endured 4 rounds of chemotherapy before her baby was born.

‘I managed to have him completely naturally which was very important to me. It also meant a quick recovery, so I was able to resume the battle of my life with another round of chemo a week later.

‘Maria was loving, patient, knowledgeable, calm, warm and just the exact right person I needed to support and comfort me. For the rest of my life I will be grateful for her support, as I keep hearing her kind words in my head – when I dreaded chemo, when I felt completely broken, her words would ring in my head and guide me out of the darkness and the fear.’

After recovering from her treatment, Jenny began taking part in open water swims. She completed her first triathlon in 2021, and in March 2022 she rode 200km to raise money for children facing cancer. Her ultimate goal is to help others navigate their diagnosis by writing a book about her story. She shares her story and raises awareness around cancer in young women and cancer in pregnancy through her Instagram account, jenny_a_peu_pres.

To the people who generously support BCCWA, Jenny has this message to share:

‘Please know that your gifts help real WA families going through one of the toughest times of their lives. No one expects this kind of diagnosis, and the world immediately crumbles around us.’

‘Your gifts make a huge difference in the lives of those families. Having Maria on speed dial, receiving financial support to pay for a house cleaner while doing chemo – that made a world of a difference for our family. It took a lot of stress away, it allowed us to focus on what was important – family. Thank you.’