At 34, Emma had the world at her feet. With a loving husband and two gorgeous young daughters life couldn’t get much better. Then, just by chance one day when scratching under her arm, she discovered a small lump on the side of her breast.

Emma visited her GP the next day who confirmed the lump and immediately booked her in for a mammogram, ultrasound, fine needle aspiration and core biopsy. A day later Emma received her diagnosis and heard those dreadful words, “you have malignant breast carcinoma”.

I was in a state of shock for days following my diagnosis and couldn’t believe that at the age of 34 I had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I had so many questions, but I knew the answers would frighten me. It turned our world upside down.


Sadly for Emma, the pathology results following the mastectomy were not good – the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and Emma had to go back into hospital for more surgery. Emma was devastated and desperately needed understanding, reassurance, reliable information and someone to talk to who really understood what she was going through.

The emotional and practical support I received from Breast Cancer Care WA was so important to me in those initial stages.


After recovering at home following the surgeries, Emma had to face her next hurdle, chemotherapy and its many side effects: losing her hair, constant nausea and fatigue.

Heather’s visits were critical in my recovery. I believe she gave me the strength to move forward.


Following this came five weeks of radiation therapy which left Emma with painful burns. Over the many months of surgeries and treatments, Emma relied on support from one of Breast Cancer Care WA’s breast care nurses. “Heather’s visits were critical in my recovery. I believe she gave me the strength to move forward.

“It was grueling at times and really knocked me around”.


The emotional, practical and financial support the breast care nurses and counsellors provide, are second to none”. Emma was so grateful for the love and support of her family and friends also, but there were times in her recovery where she needed more, just to get through the tough times. Breast Cancer Care WA were able to help Emma pay some of her bills, provide volunteers to clean her house and introduce her to support groups where she could talk with others who were experiencing the same turmoil.

I remember sobbing at the thought of missing out on the wonderful times ahead that I wanted to share with my husband Ryan and my girls if I didn’t win this battle. It was heartbreaking


 Months on, Emma’s life slowly got back to normal.

 Of course this wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing support I received from my wonderful family and friends and the dedicated team from Breast Cancer Care WA. I honestly believe that their support played an integral part in my recovery.


Because of you we can provide people like Emma and any West Australian affected by breast cancer the services listed above, this all free of charge. By making a caring donation today or by phoning together we can ensure people like Emma can get the vital care and support they need, when they need it most. Please give generously.