Amanda had just separated from her husband and was fearful of how she would cope raising 3 children on her own, without a job. Then she was diagnosed with cancer.

Young, healthy and with no family history of cancer, Amanda first noticed something was wrong when she found a small round lump close to her nipple while having a shower. Within a week and a half of her diagnosis, Amanda had started chemotherapy.

‘Telling my kids was the hardest of all. They all cried and asked if I was going to die. I told them no, I’m tough and I will crush this.’

Telling her family and friends wasn’t much easier, as she knew how devastated they would be. After sharing the news of her diagnosis with those closest to her, Amanda bravely opened up about her cancer online via Facebook, hoping to raise awareness for others.

‘The first two months were horrifying: my hair fell out, my energy levels plummeted, I had mouth ulcers and extreme nausea. I was shattered. Just getting up to go the mailbox was an effort. Trying to keep the household going on your own is incredibly hard, but I had a tribe of people by my side to help.’

Amanda was referred to Breast Cancer Care WA (BCCWA) by her oncologist, and was supported by her counsellor, Linda, and her breast care nurse, Karen, during her treatment.

‘I have found talking with the counsellors and nurses so comforting and non-judgemental. They always have excellent advice and tools to help me through everything going on. I have just joined a support group and am finding this so valuable in my healing.

‘When Linda told me how BCCWA could help and support me through all this I just cried. Financially this has been so hard and the support given has been so generous. Things like food vouchers can make such a difference.

‘I’m going to beat this cancer and keep running towards life. I love being active with my kids and want to cherish every moment with them.’

Thanks to your generous donations and support, BCCWA was able to support Amanda when she needed it most.

‘Without the help of BCCWA, I wouldn’t be where I am today. From every part of my heart, I thank you for helping us.’