Online Support Group Registration

To download a copy of the Online Support Group Guidelines, click here.

Online Support Group Registration

  • Technology

    Firstly we’ll ask you some questions about your context to set you up well for this support group. You’ll need the following internet set up. You’ll need a reliable internet connection. You will need WiFi connected to NBN, ADSL or a cable service, 4G or 5G mobile service with at least four bars.
  • If you are using a computer or laptop, check the webcam and speakers are working.
  • Install or download the Zoom application to your device.
  • Headphones are great and a great alternative to your computer speakers
  • Connecting

    Now we’ll ask you some questions about your context to set you up well for this support group. To join, all you will have to do is click on the meeting link in the email sent to you by the facilitator and click ‘open’ Then you can click ‘join with computer audio.’ You will be admitted to the virtual room by the facilitator close to the planned start time.
  • It is important to give yourself at least 10 minutes to prepare and connect through Zoom prior to the meeting start time. Set the camera up so that you can have good eye contact with the other participants.
  • You’ll want to have a suitable space to ensure a successful support group. This will be:
  • Rules of Engagement

    The rules of engagement are essential to join a group. Please agree to all before submitting.
  • We respect that what is said at the group and who is seen at the group is confidential. That means we do not share the meeting ID number with anyone, we ensure that the online group cannot be seen or heard by others outside of the group. Screenshots and recordings of the online group are not permitted.
  • We give attention to the person who is speaking and avoid doing other activities (e.g. housework, cooking, walking, driving) during the group time. Please switch your mobile phones to ‘silent mode’.
  • We respect everyone’s viewpoint and life choice.
  • We have the right to speak and the right to stay silent.
    We speak from our own experience and don’t speak for others. Using “I” statements helps with this.
  • We speak one at a time and give everyone the chance to talk and don’t talk over one another or ‘take over’ the conversation. The facilitator may need to ‘mute’ members’ microphones to help make the conversation easier to hear.
  • If you are disconnected during the online support group, please try to reconnect immediately or send the facilitator a text to let them know that you are okay. If the facilitator is disconnected they will endeavour to reconnect immediately. Failing this, the facilitator will contact group members by text and then attempt to finish conversations individually by phone.
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed during the online support group, please let the facilitator know and an arrangement will be made for a private conversation.
  • I agree to adhere to Breast Cancer Care WA’s Online Support Group Rules of Engagement.