When lunch with friends means so much more


Six years ago, one of Warren’s good friends’ wives was diagnosed with breast cancer. Working in the male-dominated electrical industry, this wasn’t something that was on their radar. Experiencing first-hand how a support network was needed during this time, they were relieved when they found Breast Cancer Care WA. Seeing how Breast Cancer Care WA worked hard to raise funds to reduce the financial burden of those going through treatment, they wanted to help.

So, in 2016 six friends got together for a casual lunch. The rules were simple, a $100 donation to Breast Cancer Care WA and you pay your share of the bill. Proud of their $600 donation they decided they would do it again.

And they did. The following year they invited a few more friends, they returned to the venue and the rules remained the same. Pay for your lunch, make a $100 donation.

Over the next couple of years, they continued the same lunch but sent out invites further afield and attempted to make it an annual event for the industry. Moving online for invites made it a bit easier but the four friends were still just doing it ad hoc, yet the funds kept growing.

2020 was a turning point for the friends when they had to move from a sit-down lunch to a group function. 54 people attended and $14,500 was raised. It was the guest speaker from Breast Cancer Care WA who would spur the friends on to “make it bigger!”

The following year the attendees doubled and the donations more than tripled to $47,000!

The original four friends have had to put in the long hours, learn new skills and push themselves out of their comfort zone, but it has all been worth it. This year they came together and raised over $88,000 and they did it without wanting to revel in their success. They do it as friends, they do it alongside their friends’ wife, and they do it for every other person that needs the support of Breast Cancer Care WA.

What started as six guys getting together for lunch has gown and they see it continuing to grow as they industry continues to passionately support it.

We will forever be grateful to these four friends who chose us as their fundraising partner.

Visit their website to read more about their story and see how you can be involve in 2023!