Michelle’s Story

This 50-year-old former speed skater and roller derby queen is living life at top speed, because; as she says,

I don’t know how much time I’ve got.

Michelle is an amazing woman

She was diagnosed with stage-four breast cancer in November 2014…there is no stage five. With no previous history, it was a total bolt from the blue.

I remember sitting in the consulting room with the breast surgeon who was saying a lot that my mind was not comprehending. He left the room for a moment and I turned to ask the breast nurse ‘Do I have breast cancer?’ she just nodded her head.

All they could offer was to keep me well for as long as possible.

Every day at Breast Cancer Care WA we meet women like Michelle. All are reeling from the shock of the dreadful news they’ve just been given.

Many will recover. Tragically, some will not. They all have questions and are desperate for answers. We will give them everything we can… information, emotional care and much needed financial support funded by donations from generous people – because you never plan for breast cancer.

In spite of everything she’s had to face – the devastating diagnosis, gruelling treatment and a limited future, Michelle still believes she’s lucky – lucky to have the wonderful support of a loving husband, family and friends. She loves her job when she’s well enough to work.

And she’s very, very grateful to have Breast Cancer Care WA here for her. Services made possible only through generous people like you.

The costs of cancer affects so many areas of my life. I was only supposed to be out of action for up to 6 weeks in February but post-surgery complications meant it was actually 12 weeks and left unable to work, drive or do much else… but the bills kept coming in.

Michelle is now on five prescription and numerous over the counter medicines costing her over $250 a month. A visit to a neurologist cost her $300, a PET scan left her with $400 to pay. Compression garments cost her nearly $300 and the bills will keep coming in.

Michelle was fortunate to have the support of a loving and caring family, but many people facing breast cancer are doing it alone. How would you cope if your only income suddenly stopped?

Today and every day this year, four people in WA will be diagnosed with breast cancer and will face just that uncertainty.

By making a caring donation today atbreastcancer.org.au or by phoning 08 9324 3703, together we can ensure people like Michelle get the vital care and support they need, when they need it most. Please give generously.

A heartfelt message from Michelle…

Please take the time to check your breasts, become familiar with them and report anything that may be unusual. Trust your instincts, if you think something isn’t right, keep asking questions until you are satisfied.

Finally, I want to personally thank everyone who has kindly donated to help Breast Cancer Care WA and who continue to support those of us living with breast cancer