At 39 years old Mia, a healthy young woman with four children, was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a lumpectomy, radiotherapy and a hormone therapy regime. She recovered and stayed clear of the cancer until 2014 when it returned in the same breast.

At this time Mia had separated from her partner and was mentally, physically and financially burnt out. Mia didn’t know how she was going to cope economically, could she afford more time off work? Could she afford to undergo complicated surgery resulting in full menopause at age 42?

Everything happened at once, it was so overwhelming. My credit card was maxed out to the limit, there was no money to pay everyday bills to keep a roof over our heads, or put food on the table. The car had gone with the relationship and I had no means of getting to specialist appointments, taking the kids to school or even to shop for groceries. It was the most difficult time I have ever had to face. I was so stressed and exhausted. I didn’t know where to turn until I rang Breast Cancer Care WA, who sent Maria to see how they could help.


Maria, one of our breast care nurses, went to her home and talked for over an hour about her health, emotional and financial needs. Mia needed immediate help with overdue bills. 

She told me what I could expect as my treatments progressed. She arranged to pay the most pressing bills, provided food vouchers so I could feed my family. She was able to connect me to Breast Cancer Care WA volunteers who helped me with house work and to get to appointments. Maria even arranged a special pamper day to help me feel just a little bit more beautiful when I didn’t feel very beautiful at all.


Because of you we can provide people like Mia and any West Australian affected by breast cancer the services listed above, this all free of charge. By making a caring donation today or by phoning together we can ensure people like Mia can get the vital care and support they need, when they need it most. Please give generously.