Lynne‘s Story

Brave Lynne thought one battle with cancer was enough. There is never a good time to be diagnosed with breast cancer, and for Lynne, it seemed so unfair when she had already lost her 17 year old daughter to brain cancer.

To be diagnosed with breast cancer was devastating. I truly believed I had been through enough. Five years earlier, my beautiful daughter, Amber, passed away after a very super human, 18-month battle with brain cancer. My world totally fell apart. A couple of years later, my husband and I split up as neither of us were coping with our loss.

Lynne found herself alone supporting her teenage son, Jerome, who was finishing high school during this incredibly difficult time. The opportunity of a holiday to Western Australia became a ray of hope for Lynne. She loved Perth and saw the promise of new beginnings and much needed healing. She decided to move. That is when the bombshell diagnosis hit.

Lynne was diagnosed with Grade 1 invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer. Within days her life was overtaken by medical tests, waiting rooms and discussions with surgeons.

We first met Lynne at a time when she was feeling very alone. She had lost her daughter, her marriage, was new to Perth and had no family or close friends to turn to.

Our breast cancer counsellor, Shelley, was by Lynne’s side to help her rediscover her own inner strength and connect her to a support group of women who were also going through breast cancer.

Our counsellors and nurses talk to women every day who are trying to understand what their diagnosis means for their future and their family. Your donation can personally make a big impact and help them face every day more confidently.

After losing my daughter to a brain tumour, I was adamant I was having a double mastectomy and reconstruction.

Lynne made the tough decision to go all the way and have both her breasts removed. She spent six days in hospital and had a second surgery later to reconstruct her breasts. There were multiple rounds of chemo and she wasn’t able to work during her lengthy treatment and recovery.

This was not only a gruelling experience for Lynne, but it put her small family into financial strife. Thanks to the generous donations of people like you, we were able to relieve the stress of Lynne’s rent and put food on the table during this incredibly difficult time.

Lynne has come a long way since her recovery and now makes the most of every opportunity, including rallying support for others. She organised a Purple Bra Day in the small town of Boyup Brook and continues to support other people affected by breast cancer in WA.

I’ve learned its okay to ask for help, we’re not Wonder Woman… I am a breast cancer survivor, I don’t feel sorry for myself and I get on with whatever life throws at me.