It was Karen’s determination not to lose any function in her arm that motivated her to keep moving during and after her diagnosis and treatment. Karen was active prior to surgery but didn’t place a priority on exercise in and amongst her busy life and work.

“I’m not one who regularly exercised in the past, but I didn’t want to seize up and lose any mobility.”


Karen was referred on to Breast Cancer Care WA through Dot’s Place in Bunbury. Our support group facilitator in Bunbury Hayley contacted Karen and she began attending our support groups.

“Hayley was the perfect person to run these groups, she listened to everyone and allowed everyone to have their chance to speak, she was also instrumental in putting us in contact with other services available including exercise programs, yoga etc.”


It was here that Karen formed a close bond with the ladies in the group and they would often meet up for coffee after the support group session finished.  One particular lady from the group, also named Karen, encouraged Karen to participate in her first fun run and from there it led to competing in her very first triathlon.

Karen participated in the triathlon as part of a group.

‘They were such a lovely group of women and so encouraging and this helped me complete the race. I didn’t care where I came in the race I was doing this for myself.’

Karen’s exercise goals have only just begun, she is has just completed in another Solaris 5km walk and has signed up to the local gym.