Alison’s Story

Alison Touzel is a vibrant, articulate, hilarious women with over 10 years’ experience in the lingerie and bra-fitting industry. Her experience with breast awareness became invaluable when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013.

Ali has since used her experience to pay it forward and help other women going through breast cancer deal with their diagnosis through her bra-fitting services

When were you diagnosed?

I was first diagnosed in July of 2013. I noticed an unusual pain in my breast when I took my bra off at night, and a few days later booked a mammogram with BreastScreen WA. They found calcification in my breast, and after undergoing another mammogram and biopsy I was diagnosed with a fast growing breast cancer. Luckily, they found nothing in my lymph nodes. I opted to have my entire breast removed rather than a lumpectomy, followed with six months of chemotherapy.

How did your mastectomy and following treatment impact your life?

At the stage when I was diagnosed, you’re looking for women who have been through what you’re going through and have come out the other side and are doing all right. I focused on finding women who had not just survived [breast cancer] but had come through and were thriving again. I was desperate to hear “This is possible”. After my diagnosis, I really wanted to be able to give that feeling of hope and support back to others going through breast cancer; I wanted to pay it forward.

How has your diagnosis affected your career?

In 2016 I become a qualified prosthesis fitter. There is so much to consider with a mastectomy; there may be swelling, a drain to get rid of liquid in the breast, lymphedema underneath your arm. I know what it feels like to wear a prosthesis and a mastectomy bra, so I wanted to be able to help other women find the best fit for every situation.

If you would like to be fitted for a mastectomy bra or prosthesis please contact Alison on 0412679 776 or [email protected]

Alison Touzel - breast cancer care wa