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Hosting your own Breast Cancer Care WA fundraiser

Happiness is only real, when shared…. and just like a bra, it can be uplifting!  Just remember we are proud to be purple! 

Where to start hosting your own event

The generosity and connection of the Western Australian community continues to be the driving force behind the success of Breast Cancer Care WA. Fundraising can be an incredibly rewarding experience, particularly when your efforts are focused on supporting a cause that you are passionate about.

Collectively, our supporters have helped thousands of families year after year, for 20 years! The fundraising dollars we receive is life changing for so many West Australians their families. It funds specialist breast care nursing, counselling and financial and practical support – and the number of ways you can of fundraise ideas is endless. The process of fundraising should be fun and enjoyable because ultimately, you are making a big difference to the lives of so many. Wear your heart on your sleeve and encourage your family, friends and workplace to join you!

Fundraising is so easy, and a great way to involve your local community. Anyone can fundraise and we’ll support you along the way. Some fundraising ideas you might like to consider are:

  • Host a bake sale;
  • Organise a movie night;
  • Take part in a fun run or marathon!;
  • Shaving your head or colouring your hair;
  • Hold a sausage sizzle;
  • Host a quiz night;
  • Give something up for a month (chocolate or alcohol are common choices);
  • Attend one of our events;
  • Organise a dress up day at your school or workplace;
  • Hold a raffle;
  • Purchase an Entertainment Book;

Of course, we would love to brainstorm some ideas with you if the above list doesn’t tickle your fancy! Please remember that your our generosity enables Breast Cancer Care WA to provide specialist breast care nursing, counselling and practical and financial support to those affected by breast cancer and their families.

Bra-vo to you for helping us make a difference!

To help you with your FUNdraising efforts we have some editable items for you to download. Just click on any of the images below.

Editable Event Poster
Editable Invitation


I’m not sure what kind of event to do!

Not a problem. We have hundreds different ideas and tips to get you started. Give us a call, check out our Inspirationpage, or ask your community what they’d like to see!

How do I set up a fundraising page?

There are many websites that allow you to set up a fundraising page – we don’t mind who you use. Some examples include  and There are some things you can do on your fundraising page to make it as successful as possible: add as much detail as you can, add plenty of images to allow people to find out more about you, donate to yourself first – then share with your close circle. Then share on your social media!

How can I promote my event?

You can promote your event multiple ways. It all depends on the type of the event (and indeed, if it is open to the public. Many community fundraisers involve a private group of friends.)

Can you share my event on Breast Cancer Care WA’s social media?

Unfortunately, we can’t share all our community fundraisers on our social media. Do talk to our team about how to publicise your event, as we may have ways to talk about it, or contacts that can help. We’re all ears! Call the fundraising team on (08) 9324 3703 or email 

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