Breast Cancer Workshop – Cancer Therapy

Therapy Groups

Therapeutic workshops are closed groups that assist participants to explore feeling and emotions associated with a breast cancer diagnosis. Some workshops focus on psycho-education, practical coping strategies and problem-solving skills that can enable participants to better adjust and cope with the burden of their disease. Other workshops are more experiential and allow the participant to process their experience at a deeper level through the use of clay and art therapy, meditation and mindfulness.

Breast Cancer Workshop - Cancer Therapy - moulding clay

Creative Workshops and Psycho-education 

We offer art and clay therapy workshops, which give our clients a welcoming creative outlet for expressing their feelings (absolutely no experience or skills are necessary to be able to attend and enjoy these sessions). We also run workshops that equip the participants with the skills to approach stages of their breast cancer journey.

Current workshops include:

  • Managing Fear and Uncertainty
  • Aligning to your values
  • Resilience
  • Clay Therapy (Mindfulness)
  • Art Therapy, and
  • Dignity Therapy – Legacy.

Groups may run over one or two days. For the list of current workshops click here

“Being in a like-minded workshop helped me. We are not alone and what we feel is real. I accept and understand that some things are out of our control.”

“Taking time to stop and smell the roses, enjoy new people and being with other people in the same circumstance.”

“Helped to make me think of happy times in my life and forget my breast cancer diganosis. I created my ‘safe soulful space’ recreating my happy childhood memories.”

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