Bids for Breastfriends 2022 – Terms and Conditions

  1. General
    • 1.1 This Bids for Breast Friends auction will be an online auction, conducted electronically, with bids being displayed automatically.
    • 1.2 From 1 June until 30 June 2022, one or more items will close for bidding at 7pm daily. The date each item closes is listed on the item description.
    • 1.3 The proceeds from all auction sales will go to Breast Cancer Care WA.
  2. Registration
    • 2.1 Before you can bid on the online auction you must register to bid.  Only individuals 18 years or older, who can enter into a legally binding contract are able to register to bid. 
    • 2.2 You must have a valid email and mobile phone number to register.
    • 2.3 Once you have registered you must keep your account details strictly confidential and you must not permit any third party to use of access your account on your behalf.  You will be liable for any and all bids made via your account.
  3. Auction Process
    • 3.1 Items will be available for bidding from 9am Wednesday 25 June 2021 until 7pm on each items’ specified closing date.
    • 3.2 Bids are placed by clicking into the item that you would like to bid on, entering your bid where the box has ‘enter bid amount’ and clicking ‘bid now’.
    • 3.3 Your bid must be equal to or above the ‘next minimum bid’ which is displayed under the item name. If your bid is successful, you will see a ‘winning’ label next to the item name.  Minimum Bid increments are indicated next to each item.
    • 3.4 Where multiple lots of the same item are available, the highest bids over reserve equal to the number of lots will be the winning bidders.
    • 3.5 Selected items that carry a ‘buy now’ option may be purchased directly at any time for the listed ‘buy now’ price. Once the item has been purchased for the buy now price, it will no longer be available for bidding.
    • 3.6 Breast Cancer Care WA is not responsible to any bids not received, processed or accepted due to technical difficulties. Technical difficulties may include, but are not limited to website server issues, internet connection issues, internet signal strength and incorrect login credentials. As a user of our service, you acknowledge that the internet can be unstable and, sometimes insecure environment and that at times the website and its services may be unavailable.
    • 3.7 Bidders must make themselves aware of any specific terms and conditions, as specified by the supplier, for any individual items they choose to bid on. Breast Cancer Care WA is not liable to refund the cost of the item if, upon winning said item, the winning bidder is unable to utilise that item. This applies especially to accommodation and experience items.
    • 3.8 Subject to any reserve price, items will be sold to the highest eligible bidder recorded at the close of bidding. The winning bidder will be notified by SMS and email.
    • 3.9 Bids will not be accepted after the close of the auction.
    • 3.10 No auction item may be redeemed for cash.
    • 3.11 Breast Cancer Care WA reserve the following rights, which may be exercised without giving any reason:
      • 3.11i not to offer for sale any item or part of any item described on the website;
      • 3.11ii to withdraw any item or items from sale;
      • 3.11iii to refuse to accept a bid or bids from any person or persons;
      • 3.11iv to keep secret the existence and amount of any reserve price of an item prior to the close of bidding or withdrawal from sale of the item.
    • 3.12 Bids For Breast Friends/Breast Cancer Care WA shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever suffered (including but not limited to consequential loss) or personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with the auction or auctions items, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.
  4. Payment & Collection
    • 4.1 At the close of bidding for an item, the winning bidder will be given the choice to pay online immediately or receive an invoice via email for the cost of that item. The invoice must be paid in full within 30 days of invoicing.
    • 4.2 If the winning bidder fails to comply with these terms they will default on the specified item and Breast Cancer Care WA reserves the right to resell or use the item as they deem appropriate.
    • 4.3 Once payment is made physical items can be collected from Breast Cancer Care WAs office, 80 Railway Rd, Cottesloe during office hours Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm. Vouchers will be posted via Registered Post. Any alternative delivery arrangements are at the buyers’ expense.
    • 4.4 If the item is not collected within six months of sale the winning bidder will default on the item and Breast Cancer Care WA reserves the right to resell or use the item as they deem appropriate.
  5. By registering for this auction you, the bidder, are agreeing to these terms and conditions and accept that as a successful winner of an item, you will fully pay for the item (including any surcharge, tax or delivery costs) of all the items you win in a timely manner.