World Health Day: Take a breath

7 April 2020
Written by counsellor Katie M

Start where you are: Take one breathe; deeply, slowly. Focus on the sensation of the breath going slowly into the body and out of the body. Notice the rise and fall of the chest, drop the shoulders down, let go of the tension in the jaw. Slow down the mind and the jittery sensations for just… one… minute..

Standing in the shower: Focus on the most of those precious minutes by focusing on the sensation of the water running over your skin, really inhale the fragrance of your soap, watch the water droplets running down the shower screen. Breathe in slowly and deeply. Put your household chores and home schooling to the back of your mind for just… one… minute.

Standing in your garden, in your courtyard, on your balcony: Take one minute to watch the clouds go by, watch the birds flying overhead, notice the trees moving in the wind, listen to the sounds of the neighbourhood. Breathe in that fresh air deeply, breathe out slowly. Let your shoulders down. Notice the beauty around you for just… one… minute.

You've got this! Deep breathing is not a cure for all of your problems but it does help to slow down the body’s nervous system that is linked to anxious feelings, a racing mind and muscle tension. Repeat as and when necessary. If you'd like to speak to one of our specialist breast care nurses or counsellors, please call us on (08) 9324 3703. They can offer support via phone, email or video chat during regular business hours.