12 March 2020
Written by Maria Waton, Brady Cancer Support Foundation breast care nurse

Podcast Review: You, Me and the Big C

This is one of the most refreshing discussions I have heard about cancer in a long time. Recorded at BBC Studios, the podcast follows a group of young women who have all been diagnosed with cancer. Although they draw on their experiences in the UK, the conversation is still relevant to an Austalian audience.
Each episode has a theme that allows you to choose what you want to listen to. The women explore with honesty, and sometimes laughter (and prosecco!), what they feel, live with and learn from having a cancer diagnosis. They help to demystify treatment pathways and they are mindful not to deliver incorrect information to the listener. Different topics are explored with invited guests, such as oncology nurses, oncologists, friends, partners, and others. Guests offer their expertise and insights in response to targeted questions in a unique no-holds-barred approach to topics.
For the most part, the podcast is uplifting as these women discuss how they navigate their lives and live the best they can be. Some discussions might hit a raw nerve, but the listener always has the option to “turn off”.
As a breast care nurse, I was absolutely hooked into listening to these wonderful women talk. It has helped me have a greater understanding of what a cancer diagnosis really feels like and how it impacts life.