salena's story

Salena's Story

This was the confronting reality facing mum of 8 Selena when she discovered the tennis ball sized lump in her breast.

“I’ll never forget that horrible morning in the shower when I found a lump the size of a tennis ball under my arm. It had suddenly popped out of nowhere. It was so big I could hold it in the palm of my hand. No. Please no.”

With no income and a long recovery ahead, donations from generous people like you in the local community ensured Breast Cancer Care WA could be the safety net her family needed for IMMEDIATE and PRACTICAL support.

Last year 951 families just like Selena’s relied on donations to pay the rent, put food on the table, provide babysitters, and seek counselling and support.  Another 434 relied on our team of five dedicated breast care nurses to support them in their homes after surgery and during chemo to ensure they had the care they needed.

 “The team at Breast Cancer Care WA were amazing. Counsellor Shelley and breast care nurse Moira visited my home and helped me through the times I felt most alone. Yes, these beautiful ladies had a huge impact on my recovery. I just hope others in my situation get to experience the same.

When Kenneth lost his job we had to move house and Moira helped us find solutions financially through BCCWA charity partners. We received financial support for a full 6 months which included rent, books and uniforms for the kids’, utility bills taken care of to keep services connected, food and petrol vouchers and my first prosthesis and bra. 

Kenneth and I were in tears a lot of the time just wondering how we were going to get through it all. We will never forget what Moira and Breast Cancer Care WA did. " 

All our services are funded entirely through donations from generous people like you and provided free of charge to anyone in need who has breast cancer. 

This year, the demand is higher than ever and we are at capacity. No person should have to face breast cancer alone and the immediate and practical support we are able to give families like Selena’s is limited.

“I don’t know what we would have done or where we would have turned if it wasn’t for Breast Cancer Care WA. I will never forget them.”

And in turn, we will never forget who made it all possible. Generous people like you in our community.