When 38-year-old Natalie discovered a lump in her breast this year, not only would she struggle with the debilitating emotional and physical trauma of a breast cancer diagnosis, but her husband of 10 years would leave her and their two young daughters to face the battle alone.

It had been two weeks since Natalie had consulted her GP about the suspicious lump. As time passed, her fears began to subside and she figured 'no news was good news'. She couldn't have been more wrong. Not long after, she received the devastating call. Her only option was to have her breast removed. 

"It absolutely ate me up inside to think that there was a chance I wouldn't be around to see my beautiful girls grow up if I didn't win this battle."

Life can change in an instant. With 1 in 4 people diagnosed with breast cancer in WA every single day, it's more a matter of when, not if, someone you love will be affected. 

Natalie relied on her breast care nurse Barbara and counsellor Shelley to get her through the most difficult periods of recovery. "Their visits were the boost I so desperately needed to get me through the first few days of my operation," Natalie said.

Sadly, Natalie soon received more bad news. The cancer had spread to her lymph nodes which meant more surgery, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Alongside this, her partner of 10 years was not able to cope with the immediate stress and strain of her illness, the added pressure of looking after their two young daughters and the unknown future ahead.

Natalie has put her casual job on hold, and now receives no income other than her single mother benefits. Thankfully, generous donations are helping Natalie make ends meet with grocery vouchers and electricity bill payments, while our Young Women's Support Group is helping her keep on top of things emotionally.

This Christmas, many families are desperately in need of your help. By making an urgent donation of $50 or even $100 you can help heroes like Natalie and her girls to celebrate without additional financial struggle. When it's difficult to pay the rent and the year has been so challenging, your donation will provide vital support to people who need it most.