Therapy groups and workshops

These free groups are designed to assist women to deal with multiple issues that may arise from going through the breast cancer journey.

Fear and uncertainty therapy groups

This is an issue that a lot of our clients find the most challenging once their treatment has finished. We have found these groups to be very rewarding for many of our clients, with some life changing moments occurring.

One lady when asked what has been most helpful wrote: The journey from negative to positive, enabling me to free the mind and open up to change

Another wrote; Being part of the group has helped me to:

  • Own my own needs
  • Acknowledge my fear
  • Accept my illness as something I have a right to not ignore
  • Advocate for myself

Resilience Workshops

Resilience is the capacity to maintain hope in the face of adversity, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress. It is the protective mechanism thought to emerge from significant personality features such as self-esteem & self-efficacy, or from aspects of social support and adaptive coping strategies. Although resilience is a personality trait, it is important to know that people have the capacity to improve their level of resilience.

Your resilience helps you weather the storms, to get through diagnosis, treatment and the ongoing care and maintenance of breast cancer.  Resilience can help reduce the impact of stress, and allow you to have more control over your life and your relationships. These workshops help individuals to become more resilient by developing and practicing grounding techniques to improve resilience, make life more manageable and enhance wellbeing.

Intimacy Workshops

Many women experience significant changes to themselves both physically and emotionally as a result of breast cancer treatment. This can often lead to issues related to intimacy, and can affect both long term relationships and new relationships. These Intimacy workshops are aimed at opening up discussion around issues that are being faced by many women.

Issues include

  •  Altered Self- image
  •  Low libido
  •  Sexual function issues
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Enriching your relationship

Art Therapy

Art Therapy provides a bridge to connect a person’s unique internal thoughts, feelings and perceptions with their external realities. The artwork may include body drawings, symbols for health, drawing and writing journals, sand painting, clay work and more. Art Therapy is often accompanied by guided visualisations to connect one’s mind with their imagination in a relaxing, meditative way, assisting with spontaneous creativity from a deeper, unconscious level.

As the artwork is viewed objectively by the artist, clarity and meaning in their story can become evident. Dialogue with the artwork often reveals profound insights resulting in further exploration, understanding and sensations of intense relief.

No prior experience or skills with art are necessary

Clay Therapy

A new addition to this range of free workshops offered for 2016 is Clay Therapy. This series of one day workshops are tailored to the needs of women going through breast cancer and enable them to creatively express themselves and step away from their anxieties through the grounding medium of clay. These workshops lend themselves to a variety of therapeutic aims, including facilitating expression of emotions, revealing unconscious thoughts and calming the mind.

Clay workshops aim to:

  • Encourage mindfulness and clarity of thought, while putting stressful thoughts aside
  • Facilitate the exploration and expression of emotions
  • Develop skills to ease the pressure of the breast cancer journey

Sessions are both informative and experiential, with lots of opportunity to share and learn from each other and our two counsellors who run the course together.

We will be offering courses which are ideal for women who have finished their treatment and are struggling with ongoing fears and concerns. This may even be several years after treatment has finished.

Upcoming Groups and Workshops:

Dates TBC shortly.


If you are interested in participating in any of these groups or would like further information
please call 9324 3703 or email

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More participant comments

  • I am privileged to have been able to participate. It’s been wonderful to share our fears. It’s empowering to realise the transition to a better self, live for today and tomorrow. 
  • I spend less time fretting and worrying about dying which has allowed me to do new things in my life.
  • Thank you for running a group with such sensitivity, compassion and fun.