Peer support

This program seeks to match women who have recently been diagnosed with women who are 12 months post diagnosis who can offer empathy and support having been in a similar situation.

For more information call 9324 3703 or email

Online peer support

Breast Cancer Click is an online community that offers peer support between members, access to group chat sessions moderated by a breast care nurse and lots of useful information all from the comfort of your own home.

‘The Click’ is especially useful to those living in remote regions of WA, who don’t have access to a breast care nurse and those too unwell to travel to support groups but needing to connect with others.

Family and friends are also welcome to join and learn more about how to support their loved ones.

For more details click here.

Aussie Breast Cancer Forum

The Aussie Breast Cancer Forum was created by two wonderful women - Janine and Cheryl - who worked tirelessly maintaining and moderating the forum so that women all over Australia and New Zealand could share information and experiences and support each other. Sadly they both passed away from breast cancer in late 2009, but not before enlisting a committee to ensure the continuation of the forum.

The forum provides a safe place to document your journey, share your struggles and triumphs and honour those who have lost their battle with breast cancer. The forum also has a chatroom and a section where members have chosen to share photos of their surgery and reconstructions to help others with decisions.

With over 1400 members the forum is going strong and new members are always welcome.

"ABCF is a place to come to receive understanding, support and friendship without judgement, at the same time allowing you to share your knowledge and experience with others on a similar journey through laughter and tears". Anne

"I felt very alone after being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. It was wonderful to get support from others who were travelling along the same road". Jo

"It’s the only place I go where I don't have to justify or explain myself in relation to breast cancer - the girls here just 'get' it". Ginny

Click here to visit the Aussie Breast Cancer Forum.