Indigenous Support Services

Each person’s journey with breast cancer is unique and so too are their challenges and needs during this journey. At Breast Cancer Care WA we offer a range of culturally appropriate services that are tailored to meet the needs of each individual.

Practical Assistance

Coming to Perth for treatment or tests can sometimes be the biggest hurdle. The reality is that women are often in Perth alone so our program attempts to fill the role that an absent family member might play in recovery, increasing the chances of women following through with treatment regimes.

Breast Cancer Care WA provides practical assistance in the following ways;

  • Airport and bus pickup and settling into accommodation
  • Visits in hospital or at your accommodation
  • Transport to and from medical appointments
  • Support during medical procedures and appointments
  • One to one emotional support from someone who has been through a similar situation
  • Assistance with basic living needs following surgery and treatment
  • Liaising with and providing written support for PATS funding

Financial Assistance

Breast Cancer Care WA provides financial aid in the following ways:

  • Contributing to the cost of breast prostheses, suitable underwear and Lymphedema sleeves and gloves
  • Providing funds to pay for particular medical and therapeutic treatments that are not covered by medical benefits
  • Assisting with travel costs; petrol, airfares, transfers, parking
  • Assisting with accommodation costs
  • Assisting with general bills


Breast Cancer Care WA employs a qualified Counsellor who can provide over the phone and in person counselling to women, men and their families after diagnosis.

Breast Care Nurses

Breast Cancer Care WA employs three Specialist Breast Care Nurses (SBCN) who can provide over the phone and in person medical support. They can explain to women, men and their families, medical procedures and treatment options.