Module 7: Reactions & Emotions

Aim of activity

This activity aims to teach students about strategies to deal with their emotions if someone they know is diagnosed with breast cancer. This activity encourages students to consider how they would react if someone close to them was diagnosed with breast cancer; what they could do to express their feelings and to consider some people who they trust that they could turn to.

Suggested teaching strategies

  • Scenario Questions


This activity is to be accompanied by:

  • Reactions and emotions: Information sheet

Class discussion questions to introduce the activity

Think back to when you were faced with a difficult situation. How did you feel at the time?

Sensitive Issues

Although a student may not know someone with breast cancer, thoughts and feelings from previous losses can be triggered by current loss experiences and discussions about loss. It is possible that students may get upset during some of these learning activities. Setting up a procedure to manage such an occurrence needs to be done before undertaking the activities. The class should be informed at the beginning of the activity: ‘If anyone feels upset or sad about the things we discuss and does not want to stay in the classroom, you may go to [name a safe, supervised place that has already been arranged]’. There should be follow-up with the student after the lesson.

Affected students may be referred to the school psychologist, chaplain or other student support services in the school.

Support services are also available at Breast Cancer Care WA or the Cancer Council in each state.
Teachers may like to teach this topic in conjunction with MindMatters, Loss and Grief materials. MindMatters is a project of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. Materials are available from the Curriculum Corporation, PO Box 177, Carlton South VIC 3053, or can be downloaded from the MindMatters website:

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