Module 4: Support

Aim of activity

The aim of this activity is to encourage students to consider what support is available to sufferers of breast cancer. Students will think about who they could turn to for help if someone they knew was diagnosed with breast cancer. Students will also find local support services for the sufferer. Additionally, students will identify the differences between Breast Cancer Care WA and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Background information

Task 1
Students are asked to consider who they could turn to for support to deal with their concerns and emotions. As a suggestion, teachers could invite the school psychologist, school nurse or chaplain to this class.

Task 2
Students will use their local area directory to research health and support services.
To help students write appropriate descriptions of the service, prompt them with these questions:

  • Who – Who provides the service?
  • What – What do they offer?
  • Where – Where is the service offered?
  • When – When is the service available?
  • How – How does a person access the service?
  • Why – Why is the service beneficial?

Task 3
Students are asked to explain the differences between some of the breast cancer organisations in Australia. Breast Cancer Care WA provides support and care for those affected by breast cancer and educates the community about breast cancer.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation funds research into the prevention and cure of breast cancer.

Suggested teaching strategies

  • Brainstorm
  • Research


  • Internet access Local area directory

Class discussion questions to introduce the activity

  • If you had a serious health issue, where would you look for support?

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