Learning resource for secondary students

Breast Cancer is the most common invasive cancer diagnosed in females in Australia. Around one in nine women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

This on line resource, developed by Breast Cancer Care WA will provide high school students with information and strategies to learn about and understand breast cancer awareness.

A key objective is for students to learn about ways to support themselves and family members who are affected by breast cancer or other similar diagnoses.

This resource includes a series of downloadable student activities which utilise a variety of teaching strategies with facilitator guides. These are presented in the context of Health and Physical Education in the Early Adolescence phase. These documents are in Microsoft Word format which teachers are able to modify and print for classroom use.

The resource also includes a DVD, available to schools free of charge, including four video interviews of young people affected by breast cancer, either through their mother being diagnosed or themselves.

The resource covers the following topics:
• Breast cancer – what it is and how it is treated
• Facts and fallacies about breast cancer
• Body awareness
• Support services
• Awareness of breast cancer in the community

Students can complete various activities on breast cancer awareness, utilising different learning strategies. Activities can be completed in any order to suit class needs.

Facilitator Guides and Student Activities and Information are available on each module page. Documents are in Microsoft® Word® format, which may be modified as desired and printed for classroom use.

A DVD containing interviews of four young people who have been affected by breast cancer is also available by emailing Keland@westnet.com.au

Aim of the resource

Students will develop an understanding of breast cancer; skills to find support; skills to understand the emotional state of others; and ways to care for someone with breast cancer.

Module list

Module 1 Understanding breast cancer
Module 2 Truths & myths about breast cancer
Module 3 Treatment
Module 4 Support
Module 5 Raising breast cancer awareness
Module 6 Project
Module 7 Reactions & emotions
Module 8 Scenarios
Module 9 Interviews

Sensitive issues

This resource and its topic present potential sensitive issues. It is vital that facilitators review the sensitive issues information found here prior to implementing the resource into any program.

The videos provided portray real life stories of young people's experience of breast cancer in their families. Breast Cancer Care WA advises that this may cause distress to some viewers.

Learning outcomes

The breast cancer awareness resource has been mapped to the content for the learning outcomes described in the Western Australian Curriculum Framework Curriculum Guide for Health & Physical Education in the Early Adolescence Phase.

Although this resource has been designed for early adolescence, it is also suitable for the late adolescence phase.

This resource provides an opportunity for students to continue to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and values promoted in the learning area.

Additional resources

A list of useful resources links is available to facilitators and students here.


A glossary of breast cancer related terms is available here.

Resource Feedback

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It will only take a few minutes to complete and we greatly appreciate your time and input, which will help improve future upgrades of the program.