Dr K's iPhone application

Dr K's Breast Checker iPhone application promotes breast awareness to the tech-savy!

imagenameAustralia’s first interactive breast awareness iPhone application assists women of all ages to become more breast aware and can be downloaded from Australia’s iTunes store at no cost.

Breast cancer affects women of all ages, so being breast aware is very important to all women, including younger women. Early detection can mean more effective treatment, so it’s never too early to start being breast aware and check your breasts, even if you’re having regular mammograms.

Dr K guides you through regular breast checks, helping you identify any breast changes and automatically reminds you when you are due for your next check. Dr K’s Breast Checker will also inform you on the best course of action if a change is noted.

Developed in consultation with breast health specialists, Breast Cancer Care WA and the McGrath Foundation, Dr K’s Breast Checker is designed to help you be breast aware. You’ll be able to:
• learn what it means to be breast aware
• keep a track of changes in your breasts with the app's unique interactive tools
• be provided with helpful & practical information
• receive automated reminders to stay breast aware
• share the breast awareness message with your friends

Download here