Leave A Bequest In Your Will

Imagine a world without your favourite charities and all of the good work that they do ... Did you know that a gift left in your will leaves a lasting legacy?

Without these legacies our impact at Breast Cancer Care WA would not be as far-reaching and we would struggle to continue our work. That’s why we are one of over 100 charities who are working together as part of the Include a Charity campaign.

Our income comes from the generosity of people like you – whether it is through donations, taking part in our events or supporting those who raise funds on our behalf. It is a little known fact however that much of our vital income comes from those who leave us a bequest. You don’t need to be wealthy to leave a gift in your will – no matter what size the gift it helps the work live on.

This Include a Charity Week, we ask you to consider, when the time is right, and you have taken care of your family and friends, leaving a gift in your will that will have a lasting impact and help our work live on.

Gifts in Wills

Emma and familyBy including Breast Cancer Care WA in your future planning, you will be helping a small WA based charity to continue providing personalised emotional, practical and financial support to over 1,000 daughters, mothers and wives diagnosed with breast cancer each year.

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. As young mum Emma said:

I was shocked for days after my diagnosis, I had so many questions to ask, what type of treatment will I need, is it anywhere else in my body, will it come back later in life, will I survive to see my beautiful girls grow up?”

Emma and family just 8 weeks before she was diagnosed with breast cancer

Founded in 2000 Breast Cancer Care WA’s team of trained professionals work holistically to create tailored solutions to the challenges faced by people like Emma.  Our aim is to ensure all Western Australians have access to the very best education, support and services available and to help them feel supported and cared for during their cancer journey.

A bequest to Breast Cancer Care WA

Bequests are a great source of income. They are also the greatest commitment a supporter can demonstrate.

By leaving a bequest to Breast Cancer Care WA, after providing for family and loved ones, you can help us to continue to provide our services free of charge to people diagnosed with breast cancer in WA.

As Breast Cancer Care WA does not receive any government funding,  the level of service we can provide is only limited to the generosity of the WA community.  So whether the gift you leave in your Will to Breast Cancer Care WA is large or small, it will be greatly appreciated and will make a huge difference to the level of support we can provide.

Pamper day
 Emma, Alysia and Rachel glow after experiencing one of our rejuvenating pamper days

How your bequest to Breast Cancer Care WA can help fund vital resources, services and programs:
  • Assist with employment and retention costs of specialist breast care nurses. Our highly trained nurses play a vital role in providing the emotional support and providing information to people diagnosed with breast cancer at various phases across the continuum of their care.
  • Financial support towards our wide range of counselling services. These services are made available to people diagnosed with breast cancer and their loved ones for a long as they need us.
  • Peer support and Support groups which run throughout the metropolitan and some regional areas of WA. Each group is different and designed to meet the specific needs of its members.
  • Online facilities like our Breast Cancer ‘Click’. An online service that offers peer support between members. This service is especially useful to people living in remote regions.
  • Practical assistance that helps women with basic living needs following surgery and during treatment. Including transport to and from appointments, babysitting, shopping, cleaning and gardening.
  • Wellness programs like Pamper Days and Re-fresh events which are designed to lift the spirits of our clients and other fun activities to help them de-stress and rejuvenate.
  • Financial support, this program assists people in financial crisis with medical gaps, travel and accommodation, household bills, rent or mortgage assistance and even food and fuel.
  • Indigenous support and education, whether living in metropolitan or regional WA this program plays a crucial role in education indigenous women about breast cancer and supporting those who are diagnosed.

To leave a bequest in your Will to Breast Cancer Care WA or to discuss your plans, please contact our Individual Giving Manager on 9324 3703 or contactus@breastcancer.org.au

CLICK HERE to download the correct wording to ensure your bequest is received by Breast Cancer Care WA