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In line with our philosophy of providing practical, emotional and financial services tailored to the needs of those with breast cancer, we believe that one of our unique qualities is the ability to work with organisations to create partnerships that offer meaningful mutual benefits.

Receiving no government funding and providing services to those with breast cancer at no cost, we rely heavily on corporate and community support.

We are flexible and personal in our approach and are keen to partner with like-minded organisations with shared values:


We are like family. We seek partners who are viewing a long term relationship and who can help us achieve goals when opportunities arise.


Being strongly Western Australian, whilst not exclusively, it makes sense to align with other strong WA brands. For the benefit of both partners a natural fit or synergy allows for a believable partnership.


It is important to us that your key motivation for a partnership must include philanthropy and not be solely for commercial gain.


An interest in engaging in our activities or seeking new and innovative ideas to engage your staff, volunteering or promotion of the partnership to your other external stakeholders would be fantastic. Let’s make this work together!

Partnerships should be a rewarding experience for both parties. As a charity we seek partners to provide funding for our services and goods in kind at other times. We very much value our partnerships and always strive to engage and unite with our partners in the best manner we can.

Get Inspired - Become Our Partner Today

Steel Blue, an Australian manufacturer of premium safety boots, has partnered with Breast Cancer Care WA since 2007. The successful 11-year partnership has seen, to date, a generous $1,083,275 donated to Breast Cancer Care WA from sales of around 70,000 pairs of Steel Blue pink and purple ladies boots.

Steel Blue support and donations have enabled Breast Cancer Care WA to offer a number of educational services to those affected by breast cancer in WA:

  • Youth education school resources designed to reduce fear, raise awareness and highlight available support services
  • Online, community and mass media campaigns that improve the community’s knowledge about breast cancer, dispel myths about the disease and teach people how to be breast aware
  • Online community providing professional support to those affected by breast cancer across Australia, particularly those in regional and remote areas

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To enquire about how you could benefit from a partnership with Breast Cancer Care WA please call Suna Cavanagh, Head of Fundraising on 9324 3703.