Jump for Jane FAQs

  • Can I skydive with implants?  Yes you can.
  • Are there any weight limits? Participants who weigh over 105kg are subject to Tandem Master assessment and a surcharge is applicable if you weigh over 95kg.
  • Are there any age restrictions? All participants must be over 12 years of age (a guardian needs to be present if under 18).
  • Is there anything that I shouldn't do before skydiving? Yes, please ensure that no alcohol is consumed eight hours before your skydive and that you do no scuba diving 24 hours before skydiving.
  • I have a medical condition, what should I do? Any medical conditions should be discussed with Skydive Australia before booking and may require evaluation by a Medical Practitioner or our instructional staff.
  • When do I get my time slot? Times will be confirmed once all bookings are made and Saturday bookings will be filled first.
  • I have a specific time I want to jump. If you have a preference time to skydive we will do our best to accommodate.
  • How long will I need to set aside to jump? Please be prepared to spend half a day at the drop zone from your allocated check in time. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that you jump in the quickest possible time frame, there is a lot of coordination involved to make your day a safe and memorable one. Weather conditions, air traffic and road traffic may all have an influence on jump times and landing area.