Breast Cancer Care WA Policies

Breast Cancer Care WA strives to provide quality services for our clients and transparency and accountability for our donors, partners and sponsors.

We are also committed to good governance and compliance within the state and federal legislation.

Privacy Policy and Notification of Data Collection Statement

Breast Cancer Care WA respects the right to privacy for all of its stakeholders including clients (service users) and supporters (donors, partners, sponsors and volunteers).

As such Breast Cancer Care WA takes extreme care to protect the confidentiality of information that it maintains about all stakeholders.

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Rights and Responsibilities

Breast Cancer Care WA endeavours to ensure that the rights and responsibilities of those who use our services and those who provide these services are respected, upheld and maintained at all times.

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Complaints and disputes

Breast Cancer Care WA is committed to ensuring that all stakeholders are encouraged and supported to make and resolve complaints received regarding the organisation and that this is done in a timely and efficient manner.

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